How can view live MySQL queries?

3 Jul

1) You can log every query to a long file really easily:

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE “general_log%”;
| Variable_name | Value |
| general_log | OFF |
| general_log_file | /data/mysql/mysql.log |

mysql>SET GLOBAL general_log =’ON’;

2) mtop/mkill – MySQL Monitoring Tools

mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL server showing the queries which are taking the most amount of time to complete. Features include ‘zooming’ in on a process to show the complete query, ‘explaining’ the query optimizer information for a query and ‘killing’ queries. In addition, server performance statistics, configuration information, and tuning tips are provided.

mkill (MySQL kill) monitors a MySQL server for long running queries and kills them after a specified time interval. Queries can be selected based on regexes on the user, host, command, database, state and query.

mtop/mkill :


To have a graphical representation of your MySQL queries, in real time and historical, take a look at Graphdat. It’s pretty simple, run the agent and the queries show up on the dashboard.



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