What is VAST?

30 Jun

VAST – Video Ad Serving Template.VAST specification is a universal XML schema for serving ads to digital video players, and describes expected video player behavior when executing VAST-­formatted ad responses.As online video content publishing has become more common, video publishers have sought to monetize their content with in­‐stream video advertising. Before VAST, there was not a common in-stream advertising protocol for video players, which made scalable distribution of ads impossible for ad servers. In order to serve ads to multiple publishers using disparate proprietary video players, ad-­serving organizations had to develop slightly different ad responses for every publisher/video player targeted. This approach was expensive and didn’t easily scale.VAST provides a common protocol that enables ad servers to use a single ad response format across multiple publishers/video players.

VAST is simply information you are giving to your video player about your ad. It’s telling your video player – here’s my ad, here’s where you can find it on my server, here’s how long to run it, this is the click through url and oh by the way – here’s the path to the pixel I need to fire off for tracking.Once most video players adopt the VAST “language” operations will be able to just drop the ad into the ad server. Your video player will be able to read and display the ad properly because it understands the “VAST” language.

DoubleClick Rich Media Examples


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