FindBugs – static Java code analysis tool

25 Jun

FindBugs is a static analysis tool that examines your class or JAR files looking for potential problems by matching your byte codes against a list of bug patterns. With static analysis tools, you can analyze software without actually running the program. Findbugs scans for possible bugs in Java software. Each finding is reported as a warning, but not all of these warnings are necessarily defects, e.g. warnings referring to possible performance issues. The terms bug or bug pattern are used in a misleading way by Findbugs. A better way would be to talk just about warnings.

Bug Categories

• Correctness – the code is doing something wrong, you should look at it

• Bad practice – the code violates good practice

  • Dodgy Code
  • Concurrency
  • Performance

• Security defect

Integrations and User Interfaces of Findbugs

Findbugs can be executed in many different ways from command line, builds or in IDEs. Available integrations are:




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