New Relic -Application performance monitoring tool

25 Oct

New Relic is the only dashboard you need to keep an eye on application health and availability. Real user monitoring, server utilization, code-level diagnostics, and more. Get direct visibility into your Ruby, PHP, Java,.NET, Python and Node.js apps. New Relic is a better way to monitor and boost performance for your entire web app environment. Complete visibility anytime you want it.


New Relic APM offers seamless integration with the Heroku platform, enabling immediate and automatic access to New Relic’s comprehensive capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning web applications.

Adding New Relic APM to an application provides insight into:

  • Customer satisfaction, via real-time end user experience monitoring
  • Health and availability of your entire application, via application monitoring
  • Web server resource data for Windows and Linux, via server monitoring

Supported languages and frameworks

The New Relic APM add-on is available for:

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python
  • Clojure

If you’re using Ruby, the add-on will work with any Rack app, including Rails and Sinatra.


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