Vmstat Analyzer

15 Nov


vmstat reports information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity.The first report produced gives averages since the last reboot. Additional reports give information on a sampling period of length delay. The process and memory reports are instantaneous in either case.The vmstat command summarizes the total active virtual memory used by all of the processes in the system, as well as the number of real-memory page frames on the free list.

VMSTAT Analyzer


If you administer any Linux/UNIX servers using the VMSTAT Log file and want some tool or application which will help you to analyze the log file by displaying customizable graphs along with statistics for every component in every descriptor

Displaying customizable graph and statistics after you have loaded a valid VMSTAT log file which was created in the server using the command vmstat -n 1 > vmstat.log:

Load VMSTAT File


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