Jmeter via Hudson

22 Jun

There are many plugins available for running jmeter via hudson.But i’had a search how to run without any plugins finally got some idea about that.Its very simple and easy.

Here is steps:

#) Create a free style job in hudson

#)Then in Job configure tab add the buildstep( invoke shell script)

#)Then simply give this cmd

cd  <JMeter_home>/bin

./jmeter -n -t urjmeterscript.jmx

#)Thats it you done half.Next before start the job do the following:

* Place your .jmx in <jmeter_dir>/bin path

* In that jmx add the summary report

* In that summary report give the path where you need to save the result

( for eg:/tmp/results.csv)

#) Now build the job you wont get any console output here.But the csv will give the result


Hope you got some idea about the jmeter and hudson.If not I’m sorry…



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