Running soapui via maven

5 Jan

The thing need to perform the build operation whenever a change would be happening in a project the build would be triggered via hudson.Now its possible to connect two big master via router called’s possible!!!pals!

Maven is a good guy which leads all impossible things into success..Actually i had no idea about this hudson-soapui-maven things…after a long war this guys i won a quarter part of it…

The steps are like this;

  • first start with your soapui tool.create project with the help of this link
  • After you crossed the first feet of well,next is try the maven to perform the operation.i.e run the soapui project via maven.
  • For this first you need to download the maven2.2 (any version).after that test it via mvn -v
  • Next you need to develop a pom.xml file which is  tell about what you perform .     A sample pom is like this
<project xmlns=""
<name> Web Service Test Module</name>
<description>web services soapUI integration tests</description>
  • that is You are in almost half.In that pom.xml there is a portion called plugin.which does actual process of  soapui project exection


mvn soapui:test


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