29 Sep

 INTRODUCTION jMeter is an open-source application.We can load test Web pages, Web applications, databases, and several other static and dynamic resources.To gain a more quantitative insight as to what a site can handle, we need  to simulate and analyze different load scenarios. DOWNLOAD First off, download JMeter by using apt-get install command(linux) MY FIRST LOAD TESTING steps:

1.First add thread group for testplan

Thread group configuration

Name – Give a name to store all settings in a jmx file.

  • Number of Threads – Number of concurrent users to hit the page
  • Ramp-Up Period – Thread acceleration period If the number of threads used is 10 and the ramp-up period is 20 seconds,it will take 20 seconds to create those 10 threads.i.e,one new thread in every two seconds, want to create all threads in a single shot, put zero in this

2. add a Sampler called “HTTP request”   HTTP Request configuration

  • Server Name or IP: ( the server name or the IP address of the machine running the application being tested.)
  • Path : ‘/’the relative path to the page you want to hit( Here i check root so ‘/’)

3. Add a couple of listeners

  • Aggregate Report
  • Graph Results Run it ctrl+R


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